InfoNet is ten years old: Annual conference in Prague

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Michael Sommer | 21.05.2014 | European Affairs - Articles
InfoNet partners in Prague 2014Ten years ago European InfoNet Adult Education was launched at its first meeting in Cologne. Since then, InfoNet has developed into a major network that has representatives in almost every country in the European Union and approx. 5000 regular readers.

Network of 40 correspondents

InfoNet usually publishes two exclusive, journalistic articles on adult education on its portal page each week. Topics include new developments in the different European countries, background reports and news from the European bodies, project reports, best practice examples and articles from science and research. The reports are prepared by a network of around 40 correspondents, mostly journalists, editors, specialists or employees in umbrella organisations.

Funding till September 2015

The impetus for developing the network came from the European Commission ten years ago. As the publisher of the journal "Erwachsenenbildung" (Adult Education), the association Catholic Adult Education of Germany (KEB) took on the responsibility and arranged for funding until September 2015 by submitting project applications via the EU programme Lifelong Learning / Grundtvig. KEB general manager Andrea Hoffmeier said that after 2015 there is unfortunately no longer the option of continuing to apply for funds as part of the successor programme Erasmus+. Dr. Michael Sommer, employee at German Akademie Klausenhof and editor of "Erwachsenenbildung ", was responsible for how the funds were used from the beginning and for the editorial work. On a European level the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) also plays a deciding role in addition to many national umbrella organisations and networks.

Quality improvement

Quality of articles and of the homepage was improved step by step during the recent ten years. “Even though adult educators are very busy, it is worthwhile to have a look what is going on in other countries and to be inspired by them“, said Andrea Hoffmeier.

New product with magazine "Lifelong Learing in Europe"

At the annual conference in Prague, the partners mainly discussed the future of the network. "We are now planning to concentrate on our journalistic skills and to work more closely with our Finnish partner magazine ‘Lifelong Learning in Europe’. If possible, we want to realise in the future a new product together", said Dr. Michael Sommer.


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michael-sDr Michael Sommer is journalist and works at the Akademie Klausenhof, Germany. He is editor of the German adult education journal Erwachsenenbildung, coordinator / editor of the InfoNet network and member of the editorial board of the magazine Lifelong Learning in Europe (LLinE).



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