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Birgit Zenker/ECML | 19.08.2014 | Information - Institutions

images 1Understanding one another is a prerequisite for living together harmoniously. So to achieve the dream of a continent without dividing lines, Europe needs citizens who can all communicate in some of the many languages spoken within its borders.

To assist in this challenge, the Council of Europe has created the ECML (European Centre for Modern Languages) - a unique institution whose mission is to encourage excellence and innovation in language teaching and to help Europeans learn languages more efficiently.

Our strategic objectives

Our Strategic Objectives are to help its member states implement effective language teaching policies by:

Inclusive, plurilingual intercultural education

The programme (2012-2015) builds on the Centre’s previous work and widens its scope to move beyond the foreign language classroom to include all linguistic abilities and the needs of all groups of learners.

Language represents the principal medium through which learning is achieved, so the programme addresses not just the foreign language classroom but the teaching and learning of the language of schooling, of other languages present in the educational environment and of the languages used in subject teaching. Projects also focus on informal and non-formal language learning and on the dialogue with stakeholders involved in the education process.

A small selection of our projects

Portfolio for student teachers of pre-primary education

Portfolio européen pour les enseignants de préélémentaire en formation initiale(Préélémentaire)

Mobility programmes for sustainable plurilingual and intercultural learning (PluriMobil),

For more information about us and our projects please visit our website


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