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Birgit Zenker/Eurydice | 20.08.2014 | Information - Institutions

The Eurydice Network's task is to understand and explain how Europe's different education systems are organised and how they work. The network provides descriptions of national education systems, comparative studies devoted to specific topics, indicators and statistics. All Eurydice publications are available free of charge on the Eurydice website or in print upon request. Through its work, Eurydice aims to promote understanding, cooperation, trust and mobility at European and international levels. The network consists of national units located in European countries and is co-ordinated by the EU Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. For more information about Eurydice, see


  • Detailed descriptions and overviews of national education systems (Eurypedia)
  • Comparative thematic reports devoted to specific topics of Community interest (Thematic Reports)
  • Indicators and statistics (Key Data Series) series of Facts and Figures related to education, such as national education structures, school calendars, comparison of salaries and of required instruction time per country and education level (Facts and Figures)
EURYPEDIA  is a collaborative platform that aims at presenting the most comprehensive and accurate picture of education systems and reforms in Europe. The site covers 40 European education systems. By choosing a country from the interactive map, you will gain access to specific national education system information.


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