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Birgit Zenker/ForAge | 17.10.2014 | Information - Institutions

ForAgeForAge is a European multi-lateral network with the central aim of communicating and promoting experiences of learning for older people. Since the first European Year of Older People and Intergenerational Solidarity in 1993 there have been many exchanges, projects, training events, seminars, programmes and networks concerned with learning in later life. The numbers increased significantly with the Grundtvig programme that provided impetus and funding for imaginative and innovative work across Europe.


The ForAge project aims to make best use of these rich experiences by building upon them, sharing information,creating networks, relating them to research evidence and analysing and assessing their value and impact. Our goal is to help raise standards of practice throughout Europe and beyond.


Our network was funding from the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme and has a core group of 16 partner organisations. Together we undertake a number of activities to promote and progress the work of the network. The project began in January 2012. Since that time we seeked new contacts and members for the network as part of a longer term sustainability plan beyond the ende oft he project in december 2014. 

The network activities

Together we undertake a number of activities to promote and progress the work of the network. Transnational meetings provide a focus for intensive activity for the ForAge team. The internal business processes of the network are reviewed and updated and public facing events enable partners to meet and work with national and European colleagues to extend the reach and influence of the ForAge network. Maintaining contact with these wider networks is a critical aspect of ForAge work so regular newletters are issued as updates or on specific themes to sustain interest and commitment to ForAge.

ForAge conference 2014: New Directions and New Learning

Further details of the third annual ForAge conference, taking place on 7-8 November 2014 in Oporto, Portugal, have been released. The conference website, which contains full details about the conference, is now online at To see the projects and to obtain more information about ForAge, please visit us


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