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Birgit Zenker/EBSN | 17.10.2014 | Information - Institutions

EBSNThe European Basic Skills Network, EBSN, is a non-profit association gathering policy makers and policy providers engaged in basic skills training for adults. EBSN was officially launched in June 2010. We aim at promoting excellence in policy design and policy implementation in a field that has considerable impact on education, employment, social inclusion, the fight against poverty, and sustainable economic growth.

Vision and objectives

The EBSN’s vision is to make sure that all inhabitants of Europe have the level of basic skills they need to have access to lifelong learning, ensure their employability and be active citizens. Our network’s members will contribute to better policy and practice for the enhancement of basic skills in the European population by

  • benchmarking national policy and effects
  • exchanging examples of promising policy and practice
  • creating a common knowledge area through the exchange and distribution of research results
  • facilitating cooperation between European stakeholders
  • raising awareness about relevant issues
  • creating a common pool of resources
  • cooperation with relevant stakeholders outside Europe

International project activity

EBSN does not participate as a member in European projects, but the network’s members do. One of our current projects, “Specialization for European Teachers of Basic Skills for Adults – SEA”, is a Learning Partnership initiated within the Grundtvig / LLP programme that brings together European researchers, teacher training institutions and education providers of basic skills instruction to adults.
For more information, please visit our website at http://www.etdf-fefd.eu/ If you subscribe to our Newsletter you will be kept informed about future courses within the EBSN Academy, and about our coming Annual Conference and General Assembly, which will take place in Den Hague, the Netherlands, on June 3rd to 5th.


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