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Birgit Zenker/UIL | 20.08.2014 | Information - Institutions
unescoWho we are

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) is a non-profit, policy-driven, international research, training, information, documentation and publishing institute of UNESCO. One of seven educational institutes of UNESCO, UIL promotes and develops lifelong learning policy and practice with a focus on adult learning and education, especially literacy and non-formal education and alternative learning opportunities for marginalized and disadvantaged groups.

Our mission

To strengthen the capacities of UNESCO Member States in the field of lifelong learning with a focus on adult and continuing education, literacy and non-formal basic education.

Our objectives

1. Strengthening Member States’ capacities so that educational stakeholders and practitioner communities benefit, and empowering Member States to improve the quality of their lifelong learning policies;
2. Supporting Member States with high-quality capacity building in their final push for EFA and beyond, in UNESCO key priority areas, in inclusive and gender-sensitive literacy, and work-related non-formal learning and competence development;
3. Promoting lifelong learning as the leading educational paradigm for achieving inclusive and sustainable learning societies.

How we work

UIL provides policy-driven research, capacity-building and technical services. Projects and activities are clustered in three programme areas and two units:

  • Lifelong Learning Policies and Strategies
  • Literacy and Basic Skills
  • Adult Learning and Education
  • Library
  • Publications and Information


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