InfoNet Newsletter 2/2014: LLinE on PIAAC – voices behind the study

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InfoNet Editorial Board | 16.04.2014 | European Affairs - News items

LLinE 1/2014

InfoNet Newsletter 2/2014 announces the recently published issue of the LLinE web magazine, dedicated to the OECD-study into adult competencies, PIAAC - produced in cooperation with the InfoNet correspondents’ network.

LLinE editor Markus Palmen describes the content: “The subtitle of this issue reveals what we have tried to achieve through this collection of materials. Give a voice - and a face - to an otherwise easily faceless mass survey. We want to share the experiences of the people who designed the study. Listen to the very people whose skills the survey wants to measure. Give a forum to those critical of the survey. Hear from the decision makers whose task it is to use the study's findings to draft policy."

In this InfoNet Newsletter we have highlighted three of these articles:

• Bernhard Schmidt-Herta, Johanna Gebrande, Jens Friebe: Competencies in later life
• Citizens Panel – Skills: building blocks for goals
• What we did with PIAAC – advocates at work

A number of other articles deal with the theme of the issue in different ways (You can access all of them here:
• First results: PIAAC calls for equality in lifelong learning
• William Thorn: Riding on unfinished rails - designing PIAAC
• Maurice de Greef, Saskia Brand-Gruwel and Halszka Jarodzka: PIAAC results: need for new approaches in improving adult literacy
• Creating jobs is the best way to promote learning
• PIAAC shaping policy? - official voices
• Markus Palmén: Self-reflection is skills maintenance - voices from the workplace
• Ricarda Motschilnig: Active citizenship and non-work related aspects of PIAAC

Recent articles on InfoNet

In addition to contributing articles to LLinE, correspondents have uploaded a number of other articles to the InfoNet website since InfoNet Newsletter no. 1-2014:
• Natalija Vrečer: New groups, new friendships, new social networks
• Hilde Gronhovd: 92 % happy
Petra Herre: Educating fathers, educating men. New approaches and needs
• Wilfried Hackl / Adrian Zagle: Austrian quality reference: Lessons learned from 900 certifications
• Agne Narusk: Estonian lifelong learning strategy is called “Smart People”
• Vita Žunda: Adult education boosts language knowledge in Latvia
• Gertrud Wolf: Paulo Freire: Pedagogy between oppression and liberation


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