InfoNet Newsletter 4/2014: War and peace – adult education in conflict situations

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InfoNet Editorial Board | 17.07.2014 | European Affairs - News items

LLinE 2/2014This issue of InfoNet Newsletter announces the recently published issue of the LLinE web magazine. On the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of World War I the articles show how civil society and adult educators work to solve the problems of the conflicts, the wars and the civil wars of the latest decades and today.

While one article explains the role of adult education in creating real reconciliation in South Africa, another article explains how Forum Drama can help reconciliations between Romas and other inhabitants of the Czech Republic. While one article explains Theodor Adorno’s thoughts on the linkage between education, self-reflection and moral action, another article argues for the need of transnational and multi perspective history teaching, and yet another article stresses that such exactly such a methodology can help people of the Balkans require the ability to recognize one’s own biases and to distinguish between perception and facts.
In this InfoNet Newsletter we have highlighted three of these articles:

A number of other articles deal with the theme of the issue in different ways (You can access all of them here:

  • Deborah Britzman:  Thoughts on the fragility of peace
  • Natalija Vrečer:  Staying or going? Educational needs of Afghan refugees in Slovenia
  • Eleanor DuPlooy , Stan Henkeman , Ayanda Nyoka:  Reconciliation for South Africa’s education system
  • Markus Palmén:  Bottom Line: a homecoming
  • Markus Palmén: Not one truth but many - Interview with Jonathan Even-Zohar

Recent articles on InfoNet

While contributing to this issue of LLinE InfoNet correspondents keep writing articles that are published directly at the InfoNet website. Since InfoNet Newsletter no. 3-2014 these articles have been uploaded (You can access all of them here:

  • Hetty Rooth : Role play as a democratic process
  • Felix Ritter, Karl Wüest-Schöpfer, Marinella Papasterios Pedevilla: Offer development – keeping up-to-date
  • Shihua LI, Renfeng Wang, Liesbeth De Donder:  Turning an Adult Education Center into an Open Learning Environment
  • EAEA / DVV international:  European initiative "Remembering for the Future"
  • Gerhard Quincke: Preventing internal conflicts in Guinea
  • Wilfried Hackl, Bianca Friesenbichler: Adult Education in Austria (Country Overview)


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