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InfoNet Editorial Board | 18.09.2014 | European Affairs - News items

One of the goals of InfoNet is to bridge the gap between research and practice in the field of adult education. Since the last issue of our newsletter four science articles have been uploaded at our website, reporting and explaining about the results of academic research. They are included in the lists below.
Once more the new articles cover a wide specter of adult education, but intergenerational learning is a theme that several articles deal with, and two articles look into two different ways of combining culture and education.

We have highlighted three articles of the articles that have been published on the InfoNet website since last Newsletter:
• Urban Sketchers draw to analyse the world around them (Andre Duarte Batista)
• The powerful elements of lifelong learning (Maurice de Greef)
• Professionalism and ethics are important for quality counsellors (Tanja Možina)

Also appearing since July are these articles:
• The revival of arts and cultural education in Germany and beyond (Inga Specht)
• A diploma for the parent, a better life for the family (Shihua Li)
• A city learns about ageing (Michael Sommer)
• Lev Vigotsky – Mozart of psychology, stepchild of adult learning (Katarina Popovic)
• PISA and PIAAC study methodology: some achievement and many errors (Paula López Serentill, Fernando López Palma)
• The future of audiovisual learning resources (Linda Ligios)

You can access these at the InfoNet website ( – as well as the rich database of articles, produced by InfoNet over the years.

Next issue of the Newsletter

The next issue of the Newsletter will appear in October. It will introduce the upcoming issue of the webmagazine LLinE – focusing on the Millennium Development Goals and their upcoming renewal.
InfoNet correspondents will contribute to the topic. This is part of the close cooperation between LLinE and InfoNet.


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